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Colombian coffees have always been know for their great quality.

Palo de Rosa (Pink Bourbon) coffee is harvested by hand a little
later than usual, because it brings the cherry to a point of greater
ripeness. Also, before the cherries are pulped, they are floated in
water and the fermentation is made in small quantities to avoid an increase in temperature. The producers of this lot have been identified and selected because their extra effort in agronomic and

post-harvest management.

Pink bourbon is know for having a complex sweetness that is present in the papaya  notes of this coffee.

Colombia Palo De Rosa

PriceFrom £7.50
  • Origin Colombia
    Altitude 1750-2000 MASL
    Notes Jasmine Tea, Papaya, Peach, Floral
    Roast profile Medium 
    Form Beans or Ground
    Coffee type Caffeinated
    Strength Medium 



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