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In this course we go through all of the barista basics on how to make good coffee on your machine. This includes grinding principles using your grinder or how to best use pre-ground coffee in your machine and how to texture milk to a cafe-quality standard. To finish the session we will go through the most common coffee drinks and how to make them. 

Coffee Drip

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Customization and Flexibility

This course is a one-on-one and so can be fairly tailored to you and what you want to get out of it. If you can already make coffee confidently on your machine and want to learn more advanced theory and methods, just let us know and we can accommodate this to the best of our ability


Steamer Alternatives

Frothing milk manually can be a fun and educational experience, giving you a deeper understanding of milk texture and temperature. We’ll demonstrate the best practices for achieving a creamy microfoam suitable for lattes and cappuccinos


Grinder Options

No grinder? No problem. We have our own hand grinders and we can provide freshly ground coffee.

We'll guide you through the process of adjusting the grinder settings to match your espresso machine


Equipment and Skill Requirements

This course requires no existing skills or knowledge on using an espresso machine, just the machine itself! We advise to have your own coffee equipment (milk pitcher, tamper, scales, etc), but we can bring our equipment to you if needed.


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