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Indonesia Lintong Blue Batak coffee, a true gem from the lush green landscapes of South Lake Toba produced by smallholder farmers.


This coffee is known for its distinct flavour profile and unique processing method. The coffee cherries are carefully handpicked, ensuring only the ripest cherries are selected. After harvesting, the cherries undergo a traditional wet-hulling process, which is characteristic of Sumatran coffees. This process involves removing the outer skin and some of the mucilage before drying, resulting in a distinct flavour and appearance.


This coffee is triple picked which means that it is hand sorted three times, which results in a very consistent cup that includes only perfectly ripe fruit.


In the cup, the Indonesia  Lintong Blue Batak  offers a bold and full-bodied experience. It boasts a rich flavour with taste of dark chocolate, almonds and a subtle spiciness. Works very well for espresso based drinks and filter. 


The lingering aftertaste leaves a pleasant and satisfying sensation on the palate, making it a truly memorable coffee experience.


Indonesia - Lintong Blue Batak Triple Picked

PriceFrom £7.50
  • Origin Indonesia - Sumatra
    Altitude  1350-1500 MASL
    Notes Dark Chocolate, Almonds, Subtle spiciness, refreshing herbal notes, 
    Roast profile Medium 
    Form Beans or Ground
    Coffee type Caffeinated
    Process Wet-Hulled



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