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Yemen Haraaz coffee comes only from the Haraaz Mountains, an ancient coffee growing region in the isolated northwest highlands. Only grown in the Eastern Haraaz mountainous region farms at 1900-2440 m altitude. Coffee beans are picked carefully by hand.  The Coffee is processed naturally, cherries are laid on wire mesh beds with a layer of palm mats for exposure to natural sun light, till reach desirable moisture level. 

All Yemen coffees are naturals meaning the coffee is dried in its husk without fermentation, then milled. While not certified as organic, Yemen coffee is grown as it has been for hundreds of years, without man-made fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Yemen produces truly world class coffee.


Yemen - Haraaz

PriceFrom £15.00
  • Origin Yemen - Haraaz


    1900 -2440 m.a.s.l.

    Notes Bright and Floral with Winey aftertaste
    Roast Profile Medium
    Form Beans or Ground
    Coffee Type Caffeinated
    Strength Strong


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