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India is particularly well known for Monsooned Malabar.

The flavors of Monsooned Malabar were originally unintentional and were simply a byproduct of transporting green coffee beans to Europe. The journey from India to Europe took approximately 6 months and the coffee, which sat in the hull of the ship, would absorb moisture from the sea and the humid winds. The moisture led the beans to swell to a larger size and turn a pale beige color. The taste of the coffee became smoother, softer and fuller. 

After harvest, which is most often done by hand by family members or hired laborers, cherry is usually processed as Natural or Fully washed. Most farms dry coffee on patios or tables.

Monsoon Malabar

PriceFrom £7.50
  • Origin India
    Altitude 1100 - 1200 m.a.s.l.
    Notes  Spicy, sweet tobacco with a creamy smoky undertone
    Roast profile Medium 
    Form Beans or Ground
    Coffee type Caffeinated
    Process Monsooned



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